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Recent Projects: 2003 - 2018

Aerotech - Cranfield.png

Company: Aerotech
Project: Controller Retrofit / Refurbishment
Location: Cranfield Univ. UK.  Date: Mar. 2019
Task: Retrofit / Test / Commission / Prepare for Operation

SC -Mk3 3000 WT.jpg

Company: Swift-Cut Automation Ltd.
Project: Mk3 3000 WT
Location: UK.  Date: Dec. 2018
Task: Install / Test / Commission

Radecal 3 axis CNC router.jpg

Company: Radecal Machines Sales Ltd
Project: 3 Axis CNC Router
Location: UK.  Date: Dec. 2018
Task: Install / Test / Commission

JGC-Daewoo 1.jpg        JGC-Daewoo 2.jpg

 Company: CHROMALOX (UK) Ltd.
Project: 690VAC Thyristor Control Panel 2 x 2MW 4+  x 500kW
Location: JGC-Daewoo-Jazan Oil Ref. KSA.  Date: Aug 2018
Task: Set / Commission / PLC Software

Stolle_Sump.jpg Stolle_Filter.jpg

Company: Stolle EMS Group
Location: Port de Sagunt - Spain
Project: Coolant Filtration System
Task: PLC / HMI Test and Commission
Date: Aug 2018 


Ichthys Project CPF.jpg

 Company: CHROMALOX (UK) Ltd.
Project: 690VAC Thyristor Control Panel 4MW
Location / Date: INPEX-Ichthys - Offshore Western Australia: Jan 2018
Task: Set / Commission / PLC Software



Company: Field International Limited.
Equipment: Aircraft Ground Support Equipment
Task: Complete Electrical installation / Test of equipment (2 off)
Location: Shanghai, China.


Panels x 13.jpg

Company: CHROMALOX (UK) Ltd.
Project: 13 off 690VAC Thyristor Control Panels various kW ratings
Location: Reggane site, Algeria
Task: Test / Setup / Commission


Heater Control Panels.jpg

 Company: CHROMALOX (UK) Ltd.
Project: 6 off 350kW Thyristor Control Panels
Location: Offshore Congo: FPU LIKOUF
Task: Test / Setup / Commission



Company: CHROMALOX (UK) Ltd.

Project: 4 off 419kW Thyristor Control Panel

Location: Zauliyah Gas Plant, Near Haima, / Oman

Task: 7 off Control panels / test / commission / Inst. setup



Company: CHROMALOX (UK) Ltd.
 Project: 4 off 4kW Thyristor Control Panels
Location: Egypt / Western Desert
Task: Control panel test / commission / Inst. setup


Company: Swift-Cut Automation Ltd.
Project: Plasma Cutting m/c's
Locations: Various, UK
Task: Onsite Technical support / m/c setup -Test

2016-07-22_12-14-13_703.jpg    2016-07-22_12-25-23_89.jpg  2016-07-22_12-25-18_117.jpg

Company: Cornices Centre

Equipment: Single Axis Control System
Task: Design / Build / Assembly / Test / HMI / PLC software.


Plc Commissioning: FPSO BP Skarv
Company: CHARTER-TECH Ltd. / BP Norge AS
Equipment: Safety System
Task: SIL PC mandatory “Proof Testing” of hardware / software function
Location: Offshore North Sea, Norwegian waters.

 NWI Coil Winderx.jpg
Company:   NewWaveInnovation Ltd 
Equipment: Valve Coil Winding
Task:           Software / testng of prototype device
Location:     UK.


Henry m-c.jpgHenry c-panel.jpg

Company: ADRO Systems UK Ltd. (Now in Liquidation)
Project: Henry hoover packing m/c
Task: plc (Omron CJ1) Software + Light Guard Integration
Location: UK

Trolley No.7.jpg


Company: Field International Limited.

Equipment: Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

Task: Electrical installation / Test of complete equipment

Location: Shanghai, China.

Review: http://www.machinebuilding.net/ap/a1891.htm

Canning Line.jpg
Company: Crown Packaging UK PLC
Project: Can Production Line
Location: Osmaniye, Turkey
Task: Commissioning / PLC / HMI Code Modification

DSC00543.JPG  DSC00539.JPG     

DSC00572.JPG DSC00563.JPG

Company: Loop Technology Ltd.
Project: Part Handling / Inspection Conveyor
Location: UK
Task: Control panel Design / Build  / PLC / HMI Software